Whether you are an investor or just buying an overseas property to enjoy long holidays in the Mediterranean then you may want to consider renting your property when you are not living there. We have the answer and vehicle to help you do this very effectively and efficiently.

Our sister company www.bestholidayhomes.com a leading rental company specialising in Mediterranean homes will be more than happy to take on your newly bought property. They will, in consultation with you, advertise, promote and rent your property according to the dates indicated by you.

Best Holiday Homes has an effective system and advertises in all platforms throughout the World and currently existing properties featured enjoy between 60% and 80% occupancy. The property rental market is very buoyant at present and is enjoying a very attractive 10% increase of rentals per year and rental prices are on the increase due to the fact many people are switching form Hotel holidays to Property rental holidays.

How it works:
Once you have completed on your purchase we will immediately connect you with Best Holiday Homes sales Director who will go through with you all the necessary issues, discuss prices with you, agree and start advertising your New Home for rentals in the whole world.

How and where you get paid:
You will have total flexibility in terms of which country you want to get paid and the method. We have an advanced system that can cater for payments in any country and in any currency.

Can I rent it to my friends and family:
Yes of course and very efficiently so. We will give access to our system where you will have your own calendar and booking engine and accordingly make your bookings. You can even make chargeable bookings and collect payment using our online payment gateways.

We look forward to selling you your dream Holiday Home and indeed renting it to our many customers.